Kurgan's Bane - THE BAND

In 1994, Pete and Jeff moved to Baltimore to find like-minded musicians. Within a year, Kurgan’s Bane had formed and played numerous shows. In early 1997, the band was fortunate to find Luis available and he immediately joined. His playing complemented that of their own and his writing added a new dimension to their sound. They found a new singer soon after. In early 1998, Kurgan’s Bane released their first CD, Search from Sea to Sea. It received sparse, yet international, radio airplay and earned positive international reviews. A few months later, the Bane again found themselves without a singer. They could not immediately find anyone to fit their style and their demands so, in the interim of the next year, they played all-instrumental shows. In the summer of 1999, Lisa became the new singer after auditioning for only 15 minutes. She had her first performance with the band 10 days later. In January of 2000, the band went back into the studio to record The Future Lies Broken, which was released throughout Europe by the Swedish independent label Record Heaven. Future received international airplay and some great reviews. Throughout 2001 and 2002, the Bane played numerous shows on the east coast to support the CD. Unfortunately, starting in 2002, outside projects and various "medical procedures" sidelined the band for a number of months. And in September of 2003, Hurricane Isabel swept through Baltimore, bringing three feet of water into the “Bane” house. It took several months to get things squared away. The band finished mixing their newest CD, "Camouflaged In Static," in the summer of 2005 - check the Merch page for details. The Bane is eager and anxious to play live again and have people hear the new material.

Lisa Francis - Vocals

Realizing she could sing by the age of 5, Lisa started performing as an amateur, playing rock clubs by the age of 15. After performing professionally for over 10 years in various cover bands, she became sidetracked from music and earned a B.A. in Communications. Lisa returned to music in the summer of 1999, joining the Bane as her first all-original effort. She also has helped out Sonus Umbra with some vocal duties.

Jeff Laramee - Drums

Jeff’s been playing since the age of 12. Originally from Vermont, he and his brother Pete played in circuit bands throughout New England and northern New York before moving to North Carolina, where Jeff played in an all-instrumental trio called “T-BO.” Jeff’s broad influences include Yes, Marillion, and Queen. Jeff has also been a member of Sonus Umbra for 3 years.

Pete Laramee - Guitar

Pete got his first guitar at the age of 6. He played in a jazz band while in college, where he earned a B.S. in Communications. Influenced early by Van Halen, the Dregs, and all of the ‘80s guitar players, Pete returned to rock upon his graduation and played in several rock bands. Besides the “Bane,” Pete has been hired to sit in with other Baltimore-based prog bands and in 2002 he recorded a guitar-based, all-instrumental CD, Alone But Not Lonely.  He has since recorded 3 more instrumental CDs.

Luis Nasser - Bass

In 1995, Luis came to the United States from Mexico City to pursue a doctoral degree in Physics. Luis brought with him a tremendous amount of experience from both his own project, Radio Silence, and his session work supporting other bands as a live and studio musician. Luis grew up listening to Pink Floyd, The Who, and Rush. Radio Silence evolved into Sonus Umbra, which has become a successful progressive rock band. Luis also sits in with Might Could and a list of others that is too great to fit on this page.